LudicoCoons has had the rare privilege of raising amazing Maine Coon kittens for nearly two decades. With the good fortune of the assistance from several experienced and respected breeders.

Along with my family and friends support giving their guidance, time, and love. Allowing me to raise this incredible breed in my home. Providing them with all the love, attention and the stimulation they need to thrive and grow healthy and happy.

Giving you the perfect, permanent family member to add excitement and love to your home. 


Raised with love

We do not support or have a super large breeding farm, we carefully raise and interact with each and every litter.

Our kittens are from the highest quality cats, and are cared and loved for as such.

All of our kittens have been raised in a safe home, which also has dogs, which will make co-habitation with your kitten easier!

Our vision statement

We love cats and want to create a safe, fun, and unique environment for them to hang out with people.

We think there should be a place where people can relax, be inspired, and celebrate cats and their inner Cat Person.

We believe every cat needs a forever home, and we support the dedicated organizations making that happen.

Mission Statement

“LudicoCoons Society will provide lifesaving care, comfort, and compassion to animals in need by engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of our community.”

Value Added Services

  • To always be compassionate and caring
  • To foster respect and understanding of all life
  • To protect, rescue, adopt and care for animals
  • To create partnerships for animal welfare
  • To educate the community on animal welfare issues